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Our web agency puts its experienced developers at your service. VivaWeb offers you develop your mobile applications Iphone, Android or via SAAS solutions!

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An idea, a business project?

We can help you develop your ideas, whether for an application to develop your business or offer your services, or a business application to improve your management, connect your partners or manage your company.

An application can be very simple or, on the contrary, involve managing millions of pieces of data. We adapt the development to your needs during the project phases.

Our developers have already worked for major companies (French banks, tourism start-ups, etc.).

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There's something for everyone

Development on all media

That your application or on mobile or in the cloud we can help you create it and also publish it on blinds: Apple Store, Google Play, within an intranet or accessible via the web for a SAAS solution.

We can offer you different programming languages such as Java, PHP, etc. We can use different tools such as Flutter (for example) and manage mobile or web connections.

Performance and stability

Do you have major problems?

We can provide a solution that is "scalable", whether it's for launching your idea as a start-up or as a well-established business, we will plan monitoring and the evolution of the number of treatments.

A application developer will be allocated to your project.

Your progress must not be blocked or held back by your initial development.

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An idea, a project, an application

An application is a vast word containing many concepts, which is why each project is unique and launched in a constantly changing environment. This is why our large-scale developments are hosted by the world's leading professionals.

Hosting your application with a reliable partner!

-> Your The application is hosted on Google or Amazon server networks and datacentres in Europe, so performance is unlimited.

Examples of applications

  • Employee management applications
  • Input/output management applications
  • CRM and internal company management
  • Statistical management applications
  • Data processing
  • Equipment management applications
  • Access controls to protected areas
  • Commercial management and business projects
  • SAAS application + smartphone peripheral
  • GPS location of equipment
  • The ideas are endless

A few examples

Our team has completed more than 140 projectsthis is some examples of applications.

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Carteo Travaux

Ready to launch your idea?

Contact us for a discussion, a quick or in-depth study and we'll be able to advise you, talk to one of our developers and design your project.