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If you want to sell your products online, whether physical or dematerialised, an e-commerce site is the way to develop your business!

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Creating or redesigning your sales site

VivaWeb specialises in sites that are easy to use on a daily basis, quick to update and easy to maintain. Your shop is efficient and easy to use on a daily basis.

Do you already have an online sales website? It's also possible to update it or give it a complete overhaul to optimise it and make it modern.

VivaWeb has become a specialist in human-scale structures and large-scale projects with tailor-made requirements.

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By professionals, for professionals

Professional, easy-to-use tools

There are a wide range of tools adapted to each use, for example: create your products individually or in batches in just a few minutes, create and plan your promotions, change your prices for sale periods, etc. A list of some examples is given below. available here.

In short, you can manage your sales on a daily basis by receiving messages and managing your shipments.

The right tools

Order example

  1. A customer buys a basket of products
  2. He pays by credit cardby cheque, bank transfer or Paypal
  3. You receive theemail alert
  4. You assemble the products
  5. Le customer receives an e-mail stating that the order is in progresswith order tracking
  6. Everything is automatically calculated you know immediately which carrier to use depending on the weight of the order
  7. Once the parcel has been sent the customer receives an e-mail with the tracking number
  • Customers can then rate the products and leave comments.
  • Products are removed from your stock
  • An alert warns you to recommend certain products and gives you the references!

All in just a few clicks, with no computer skills required!

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By the book

A "responsive" website that adapts to all screens

With the explosion in the number of users of tablets and smartphones, there are many different screen sizes ! Your e-commerce site must therefore adapt to these sizes automatically to keep navigation pleasant and practical! What's more, this user-friendliness is at the heart of search engines and an essential criterion for good referencing your website !

At VivaWeb, we have therefore chosen to create sales sites that adapt in real time to the size of the visitor's screen (technology responsive design), providing optimum user comfort and full compliance with the standards required by search engines!

Technical aspects

Optimised and efficient

Your site is optimised for search engines: on Google (and Bing, etc...), it follows the pre-requisites required by the search engines, which are very precise and numerous.

Optimisation is taken into account from the very first moments of creating your websiteThe aim is to comply with the official quality guides of the search engines, and therefore to make it easier for your site to reach the top positions!

You have access to visit statistics of your website, a monthly report will be sent to you (number of visitors, length of visittype of device, source of visitor: Google, Facebook, adverts, etc.).

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Professional yet simple tools

Your site is tailor-made, with the integration of applications linked to your business. You can create your product sheets simply and in an optimised way. some of the tools available.

partner ovh

Host your site with a reliable partner!

-> Your e-commerce is hosted on fast, reliable private servers with 24-hour surveillancenot on simple shared servers whose performance is random and poor for online sales ...

For many years, our agency has chosen to host all its sites with OVH, Europe's number 1.

This seriousness is now recognised as VivaWeb is part of the catalogue of OVH partners.


  • Tailor-made aesthetics
  • Complies with standards
  • Mobile and responsive
  • Easy to use every day
  • Product management
  • Photo and video management
  • Professional e-mails
  • Upgradeable site
  • Advanced functionalities
  • Optimised for Google, Bing etc.
  • Technical assistance
  • Visits/sales statistics
  • Secure


A few examples

Our team has completed more than 140 projectsthis is some examples of e-commerce sites.

invicta 500x611

Invicta Shop

handi renov 500x611


janie chocolate factory 500x611

Janie Chocolaterie Artisanale

jeromemiquelphotographe 500x611

Miquel Photo

econhome occitanie 500x611

Econ'home Occitanie

bytatiefofie 500x611

By Tatie Fofie - Haberdashery

albi motoculture 500x611

Albi Motoculture

coronell den vila 500x611

Coronell d'En Vila

g2m 500x611

G2M Gaillac

lucas papers 500x611

Lucas's papers

carteo works 500x611

Carteo Travaux

Creating an e-commerce site: FAQ

Creating a sales site can be both simple and complex.
The same site can be created in a few hours or a few weeks. What are the differences?

Creating an e-commerce site can take anything from a few hours to a few weeks: in just a few hours you'll have just a rough draft, which won't be fully compliant, it won't be optimised for Google, Bing etc. and so will never be visible. It generally takes 6-8 weeks to create a real online sales site.

Our development and design team is based in France and can work anywhere. We don't outsource to third countries for one good reason: quality.

Your site belongs to you: once the invoices have been paid and the commitment periods, if any, have ended, you can use your site as you wish.

Just like the duration, the cost is variable, depending on the complexity of what you require, from a few hundred euros for a simple direct sales site to several thousand euros for an e-commerce site with a secure bank connection and management system. Each project needs to be analysed because there is no simple formula, but our rates are very attractive.

If you trust us, we'll interview you, ask you all the necessary questions and provide you with all the information you need. All that's left is to validate it, and that's it!

The site will be delivered with a few examples of products and categories, which can be easily filled in bulk or by unit, so don't worry.

Training is offered when the site is delivered. We deliver the site and train you to use it, which is very simple and, even without training, allows you to use the site on a daily basis.

Your site is hosted on top-of-the-range servers that are secured and monitored 24 hours a day, all with secure connections. However, in the event of a fault, we have back-ups on different media, sometimes for several years.

We can use several technologies: WordPress, with Woocommerce, but also Prestashop, or custom-made 100% based on React, Javascript etc...

Ready to launch your sales?

Contact us for a discussion, a quick or in-depth study, and we'll be able to advise you, and imagine what we can offer or contribute.