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To support you on a daily basis

We take care of the whole technical side so that you can stay focused on your communication and your core business and support the lifecycle of your site.

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Support and technical maintenance for your website

This service allows you to free yourself from all the technical aspects of your website, your webmaster is available to help you create or redesign your site on a daily basisWe'll advise you, train you and manage your site.

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To each his own

User support

We can manage modifications to the site: functionalities, ergonomics, important content, or send detailed monthly reports (maintenance, statistics, uptime, etc.).

Experienced specialists

Technical management

We take care of all the technical aspects of your site: backups, security, updates. A debug or an element crashes the others? We check and intervene, the technical side is ours.

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Performance and reliability

Hosting management

You are hosted on servers as close as possible to your region, fast servers, no low-cost, monitored and managed by dedicated specialists 24 hours a day on high-performance, high-availability networks, far superior to the shared services you are used to finding.

Because to each his own ...

... we understand perfectly well that computer technology doesn't necessarily fascinate you, which is just as well for us as it's a real pleasure 🙂

Some functions

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Host your site with a reliable partner!

-> Your site is hosted on fast, reliable private servers with 24-hour surveillancenot on simple shared servers with random performance ...

For many years, our agency has chosen to host all its sites with OVH, Europe's number 1.

This seriousness is now recognised as VivaWeb is part of the catalogue of OVH partners.

  • Site maintenance
  • User support
  • Weekly / Daily backups depending on the site
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Unavailability/problem alerts
  • Integration into the backup network (several different servers external to the site)
  • Daily analysis of broken links (pages that no longer exist, etc.)
  • System, security and software updates
  • Module updates (contacts, displays, etc.)
  • Daily virus/malware/security scans
  • Daily analysis of site performance

Can we help you?

Contact us for a discussion, a quick or in-depth study, and we'll be able to advise you, and imagine what we can offer or contribute.