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We build or update your company's website: with a website creation or a redesignWe'll create a professional website with advanced functions and full optimisation.

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Creating or redesigning your website

Whatever your business (SME, self-employed, craftsman, shop, etc.), the website has become the number 1 way of communicating effectively. website has become essential to the successful development of your business!

VivaWeb has become a specialist in human-scale structures (SMEs, the self-employed, craftsmen ...) while having worked for major accounts (Valeo Vision, etc.), our projects are tailored to the scale of your company!

Do you already have a website? It can be updated or completely redesigned to optimise it and make it more modern.

isobat home
pmt car park network
By professionals, for professionals

Can be used without any knowledge

Do you want your website to be seen on a daily basis?

Your website will be designed to be extremely simple for you and your team to useAnd you don't have to be a computer scientist.

For those who prefer to delegate, we can do it for you, with professional copywriters.

Among the most telling examples we have entrepreneurs who publish their achievements in the morning while drinking their coffee : with presentation, photos and videos, all automatically formatted on their site, and others who do nothing!

By the book

A "responsive" website that adapts to all screens

With the explosion in the number of users of tablets and smartphones, there are many different screen sizes ! Your site must therefore adapt to these sizes automatically to keep the display pleasant and practical! What's more, this user-friendliness is at the heart of search engines and is an essential criterion for a good website. referencing your website !

At VivaWeb, we have therefore chosen to create websites that adapt in real time to the size of the visitor's screen (technology responsive design), providing optimum user comfort and full compliance with the standards required by search engines!

quote request smartphone homme 700
google site performance
Technical aspects

Optimised and efficient

Your site in the top positions on Google (and Bing, etc...)? It's possible, as long as it's optimised according to the very specific requirements of the search engines! 

Optimisation is taken into account from the very first moments of creating your websiteThe aim is to comply with the official quality guides of the search engines, and therefore to make it easier for your site to reach the top positions!

You have access to visit statistics of your website, a monthly report will be sent to you (number of visitors, length of visittype of device, source of visitor: Google, Facebook, adverts, etc.).

A website that reflects you

Your site is made to measure, integrating applications linked to your profession, showing your achievements to your customers: photo galleries, videos, documents, all your work is presented in its best light!

partner ovh

Host your site with a reliable partner!

-> Your site is hosted on fast, reliable private servers with 24-hour surveillancenot on simple shared servers with random performance ...

For many years, our agency has chosen to host all its sites with OVH, Europe's number 1.

This seriousness is now recognised as VivaWeb is part of the catalogue of OVH partners.

Site functions

  • Tailor-made aesthetics
  • In the image of your company
  • Complies with standards
  • Mobile and responsive
  • Easy to use every day
  • Portfolios
  • Photo and video management
  • Professional e-mails
  • Upgradeable site
  • Advanced functionalities
  • Technical assistance
  • Secure

For professionals

A few examples

Our team has completed more than 140 projectsthis is some examples of professional and showcase websites.

toulouse solutio works 500x611

Solutio Travaux Toulouse

invicta 500x611

Invicta Shop

couto decoration 500x611

Couto Decoration

stsulpicederire 500x611

Festival St Sulpice de rire

jeromemiquelphotographe 500x611

Miquel Photo

econhome occitanie 500x611

Econ'home Occitanie

monceaux harmony 500x611

Monceaux Harmonie

solutio works 500x611

Solutio Travaux Tarn

art et tango festival 500x611

Art et Tango Festival

sophie coiffure mixed 500x611

Sophie Coiffure Mixte

chic events bordeaux 500x611

Chic Event's Bordeaux

ets combes 500x611

ETS Combes mécanique

Website creation: frequently asked questions

Creating a website can be both simple and complex.
The same site can be created in a few hours or a few weeks. What are the differences?

Creating a website can take from a few hours to a few weeks: in a few hours you'll only have a rough draft, which won't be fully compliant, it won't be optimised for Google, Bing etc. and will therefore never be visible. You should generally allow 3-4 weeks for a real professional website.

Our development and design team is based in France and can work anywhere. We don't outsource to third countries for one good reason: quality.

Your site belongs to you: once the invoices have been paid and the commitment periods, if any, have ended, you can use your site as you wish.

Like the duration, the cost is variable, depending on the complexity of what you are asking for, from a few hundred euros for a hairdresser's website to several thousand euros for an e-commerce booking. Each project needs to be analysed because there is no simple formula, but our rates are very attractive.

If you trust us, we'll interview you, ask you all the questions we need to ask so that we can write the content for you. All that's left to do is approve and proofread it, and that's it!

This is entirely possible: it will be delivered to you without content and ready to fill in, the referencing will be at your charge and we can always take care of the maintenance of your website.

Training is offered when the site is delivered. We deliver the site and train you to use it, which is very simple and, even without training, allows you to use the site on a daily basis.

Your site is hosted on top-of-the-range servers that are secured and monitored 24 hours a day, all with secure connections. However, in the event of a fault, we have back-ups on different media, sometimes for several years.

We can use several technologies: WordPress, with or without Woocommerce, but also Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, or custom-made 100% based on React, Javascript etc...

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