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Our web agency puts its SEO techniques at your service. VivaWeb can help you and optimises your site (creation or redesign) to ensure your visibility on search engines !

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SEO optimisation and techniques

Your SEO agency

You can commissioning your agebce to place your site in a better position on a particular search engine (Google, Bing, etc.).

We will use a number of techniques, all in line with the rules imposed by the search engines, to aim for long-term positioning and results.

You can ask us for a full audit your site and your current ranking.

We can also train you for the daily optimisation of your referencing and the management of your articles as part of a joint follow-up.

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Visibility on your keywords

Positioning on your key phrases

We position you on search engines through high-quality natural referencing and in line with the theme of your website.

We look for the most important key expressions for your sector and suggest ways of optimising your site for these expressions.

We also use techniques for breaking down related keywords

From the design of your website or their redesign to meet the quality criteria required by search enginesWe optimise pages individually, focusing on those that are vital to you.

Statistics and information

With precise monitoring of your statistics

You can access your site statistics in real time, whenever you want!

You track the number of visitors to find out how your site is progressing thanks to comprehensive but easy-to-read statistics, for example :

  • How many visitors came over a given period
  • Which pages are visited most often

But you can also find out where they come from (search engines, social networks, etc.), the type of device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), this enables us, as an agency, to optimise your site as effectively as possible. but it does give you a better idea of who your potential customers are!

You will also receive a monthly summary of your visitors by e-mail.

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Technical aspects

Optimised and efficient

Your site in the top positions on Google (and Bing, etc...)? It's possible, as long as it's optimised according to the very specific requirements of the search engines! 

Optimisation is taken into account from the very first moments of creating your websiteThe aim is to comply with the official quality guides of the search engines, and therefore to make it easier for your site to reach the top positions!

These performances are first-rate and are designed to be effective for both search engines and visitors.

Adaptation to search engines

Search engines are constantly evolving and change several thousand times a year (yes, you read that right 😮), First of all, here's a video from Olivier Andrieu, one of the world's leading SEO specialists (SEO) in France, which explains how the basics of SEO work: Abundance: Google makes dozens of changes every day. We are able to keep pace with these changes by specialising in specific themes.

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Host your site with a reliable partner!

-> Your site is hosted on fast, reliable private servers with 24-hour surveillancenot on simple shared servers with random performance ...

For many years, our agency has chosen to host all its sites with OVH, Europe's number 1.

This seriousness is now recognised as VivaWeb is part of the catalogue of OVH partners.


  • Ongoing development of the site
  • Connections to Google
  • Bing connections
  • My Business management
  • Local optimisation
  • Optimisation by language
  • Speed optimisation


  • Position monitoring
  • Statistics monitoring
  • Local tracking
  • Conversions
  • Origin of visitors
  • Search Console management
  • Competitor monitoring

Search engine optimisation, SEO : FAQ

A webmaster can be a professional in SEO and not know how to create a site, we do both.

SEO (search engine optimisation) involves optimising a website for search engines to improve its visibility in search results. This is important because it can increase traffic to your site organically (free of charge).

Referencing is an abuse of language, we use this term but it's actually positioning, referencing means being present, positioning means being present and positioned, which of course interests us a little more.

If your site has only just been launched, it does not currently exist in the search engine databases because the search engines do not know about it. You should not take into account the results for at least 2 weeks because Google is only just discovering your site, and at the moment it does not even understand who it is for, what you are selling, etc...

The first results will be based on your company name, then the bulk of the work will be done on "generic" keywords. Here is an example of a generic keyword for Mérignac airport: Parking aéroport à Mérignac.

Eventually, the most important page will be highlighted.

Search engines crawl the web to index the content of sites and rank them according to their relevance and quality in relation to specific queries. Long gone are the days when starting your site's name with an 'A' or stuffing it full of keywords could help 😉

On-page SEO refers to optimisations that you can apply directly to your site (content, structure, HTML tags), while off-page SEO refers to actions taken outside your site (such as obtaining backlinks) to improve your ranking.

There are over 200 points to work on if you hope to rank well on search engines. The quality of content, backlinks, keyword relevance, user experience and the technical performance of the site are among the most important factors, but reviews and other factors also come into play.

Quality content is informative, useful and engaging for the reader. Good content attracts more visitors and encourages other sites to link to yours, which improves your SEO. You really need to be careful with AI-generated content, which often goes against these quality measures if it's used incorrectly.

With more and more searches being carried out on mobile devices, Google favours sites that are optimised for these devices in its results, which means that your site needs to be responsive or mobile-friendly.

With tools like Google Analytics or Matomo (much better in our opinion) to track traffic to your site and other connected tools (more than a dozen in fact) to see how your site appears in search results, as well as identifying potential improvements or understanding visitors.

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